How big is the photography area suitable for product photography? ‣ Pinto Photo Studio
How big is the photography area suitable for product photography?
How big is the photography area suitable for product photography?
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How big is the photography area suitable for product photography?

— How big is the photography area suitable for product photography?

 How big is the photography area suitable for product photography?

If it is shooting rings, emeralds, watches and other items, more than ten square meters of space will be enough.

If you have an online clothing store, open up a photography area dedicated to shooting and processing pictures. The size of this area depends on the size of your product and the way you shoot (for example, whether or not to take a picture of a model). If you have just started a business, you can actually shoot costume portraits in a space of more than 20 square meters at home.

I once saw a photography agency in a large wholesale clothing market, opening up two stalls (shop stalls, how much space can they have even if the ceiling is removed), take orders at the door like fast food restaurants and make full use of the space? there are indoor makeup area, shooting area and clothing ironing area, and there are too many business to do every day.

This section shows the studio of our studio and friends to provide reference for the decoration and configuration of your photography area. We also have to talk about very useful and necessary background paper!

It is recommended that when you buy background paper, buy 111404 type cold white paper, do not buy warm white paper, otherwise the color deviation on the product will be difficult to deal with in the later stage of matting.

Background paper is generally 2.7 meters wide, 11 meters long scroll, a little expensive, economical use, both cost-saving and environmental protection. If you think it is too wide (that is, the scroll is too long), you can cut it 1.5 meters wide with a saw (the remaining small section is 1.2 meters wide). But it depends on how you use it. If it is used to lay and cover walls to form a reflective surface (such as shooting stainless steel office furniture), you can cut as much as you use each time.

If you are shooting a model, the model will cut off as much as you step on it, making sure that each time the model stands on the clean “ground” and in front of the background.

Finally, when it comes to seamless walls. It is convenient to have a seamless background wall, and the studio looks much more formal.

However, from the actual experience and what I have seen, I think it is better to have it than not to have it at all. It is too easy to step on dirty, every shot has to be brushed, and often in the process of shooting, has been full of footprints.

The wall paint is very white, but it is dirty as soon as you step on it; the floor paint is very resistant to stepping on, but the color is always green. If the vertical part of your shadowless wall is painted with exterior wall paint, and the ground is painted with floor paint, it will be even worse. Two different colors of white form two obvious color blocks, and each one has to be redone later. So, every photographer I saw with a seamless wall ended up pulling up the white background paper in front of the seamless wall.

Nevertheless, this section also shows you the construction method of seamless background wall at the end of this section.

Emphasize again: the construction of the studio / shooting area is mainly lighting equipment and front lighting equipment; please arrange the venue flexibly so as not to waste money on unnecessary extra facilities.

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