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Does china product photography need to consider perspective?

Does china product photography need to consider perspective? Now, let’s leave painting and return to photography. It still starts with perspective, and only with it can there be space. The initial introduction to any visual art, whether painting, photography, or film and television shooting, should......

What skills can be used in Amazon product photography in China?

E-commerce is online shopping, which facilitates people’s shopping needs, but there is a feature of e-commerce, that is, before customers get the actual product, they can only understand the product catalogue through pictures or videos of the product. this has a great limitation to consumers,......

—How big is the photography area suitable for product photography?
The 10 best photographers in China

the 10 best photographers in China During this period of time, many people are asking who are the top ten photographers in 2020. This question seems to be very popular. I’ll answer it, too. My publication only represents my personal thoughts and thoughts. It doesn’t......