Successful China product photography stems from a focused attitude-Chinese photographer Song ‣ Pinto Photo Studio
Successful China product photography stems from a focused attitude
Successful China product photography stems from a focused attitude
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Successful China product photography stems from a focused attitude-Chinese photographer Song

16 Feb Successful China product photography stems from a focused attitude-Chinese photographer Song

Successful China product photography stems from a focused attitude

\Hello, everyone. I’m Song Juqiang, a photographer who specializes in human geography photography. It took three years to drive more than 100,000 kilometers to complete the shooting across England and published the album floating in England. Last year, he worked with Cadillac to complete a photographic documentary of Cadillac’s Journey across Highway 66 in the United States. Now photography has become a habit of mine, and there is no need to describe how much I love him.
Most of these photos were taken last year while driving a Cadillac SRX on US Highway 66. After walking on Highway 66 with Cadillac, Cadillac invited three photographers on Highway 66, Jerry Mcclanahan, Jim ross and Shellee Graham, to give us a better understanding of Highway 66 culture. The shooting experiences of these three photographers have taught me that successful works come from a focused attitude. Later, at the end of Highway 66, Santa Monica (Santa Monica), I met Stephen Wilkes, a famous American photographer who was filming “DAY TO NIGHT”. Through the communication on the shooting site at that time and later exchanges, I also learned that innovation is an important element of the success of the work. The pioneering, free and innovative spirit I realized on Highway 66 had a great impact on my attitude towards photography.

The road of photography

Digital cameras have appeared since I was in college. Out of young people’s curiosity about new things, they began to come into contact with digital cameras, and they have been fresh ever since. When I first came into contact with photography, I was interested in all the subjects, so much so that I have filmed almost all the subjects up to now. Later, after arriving in the UK, he began to indulge in the shooting of the magnificent British cultural scenery. Last year, after Cadillac took me to Highway 66, I became interested in road car photography, and now I occasionally create works about road photography.

Route 66 in my mind

Cadillac gave me an itinerary before inviting me to take a photo of Highway 66. After looking at all the itinerary at that time, I didn’t feel that it was too different from my previous highway photos. Before I set foot on Route 66, my understanding of her was just a 3939-kilometer-long road that spanned eight states and three time zones. When you start your journey on Route 66 in Chicago, you will feel the accumulation of rich highway culture and car culture on Highway 66. It is now realized that Route 66 is not only a distance, but a microcosm of American pioneering history, the sustenance of the spirit of freedom and the representative of automobile culture.

Express emotion through images

Every year from August, my shooting will be more intensive. I have been using my usual slow door photography to shoot some scenery works. Through the shooting and creation process, I can appreciate the different visual experience that nature brings to me. The beauty and mystery of nature’s miraculous workmanship often moves me. I want to use this way to make moving into eternity, through images to express my feelings for nature. This year I will continue to improve the creation of the “Sea” series. In addition to the shooting of these themes, I still hope to take the time to return to Route 66 to explore the legendary American Highway 66 culture.

Do not blindly pursue the upgrading of equipment

At present, I mainly use Leica new M and Hasu H4D and all the focal lenses of these two brands. I usually use the lightweight Leica M in my daily shooting, and I choose to use Hasu in my creation. Wide-angle and mid-focal segments are used more often. Although there are defects in some details when using these two brands of cameras, as the representative of the top equipment, the advantages of picture quality alone can ignore the shortcomings of other aspects. I often work with some camera brands to test and try some unlisted equipment. After playing with all kinds of camera equipment, I feel that the cameras on the market are enough to cope with most subjects, so don’t focus too much attention on the equipment. You should learn more to improve your photography skills. At present, the energy of photography is mainly focused on creation. The equipment on hand is already the top equipment, so we have not considered upgrading the equipment for the time being. Upgrading equipment is an endless road, it is recommended that everyone in the selection and purchase of photographic equipment to grasp the practical principles, do not blindly pursue upgrading.

Passion and freedom on the road

For photographers, I’m afraid they all want to have as much space in the trunk of their car as possible, and preferably a SUV, so it’s convenient to take pictures anywhere. Because walking along Highway 66 with Cadillac SRX, there are many stories and feelings on the road, such as large space in the car, comfortable driving, novel and practical CUE system, and great Bose audio. I can’t help but have a preference for this car after more than 10 days of intimate contact. I feel that this car is not only very suitable for me, but also like its free, pioneering and enterprising feeling very much. I hope to drive it to experience the passion of the road when my youth is not over. I hope to have the opportunity to drive the new SRX onto the legendary highway of the United States again soon.

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