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Top ten photographers in China
The 10 best product photographers in China
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The 10 best photographers in China

08 Feb The 10 best photographers in China

the 10 best photographers in China

During this period of time, many people are asking who are the top ten photographers in 2020.
This question seems to be very popular. I’ll answer it, too.
My publication only represents my personal thoughts and thoughts.
It doesn’t represent anyone, ranking in no particular order.

1 Chen Man– excellent photographer in China
Post-80s outstanding female representative, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, specially for star artists to take photos, fashion atmosphere, famous photography, fashion and outstanding personality.

2 Li Dongdao-Chinese commercial wedding photo photographer
Li Dongdao, known as the prince of Chinese photography, is an outstanding representative of double-material photographers, mainly portrait photography, fashionable atmosphere, high professional and technical level. He set up his own photography studio in Beijing, Chengdu and Chengde and won tens of thousands of fans.

3 Yu Dong– Chinese commercial photo photographer
Fan Hua, born in 1971 in Guangzhou and now living in Guangzhou, is good at advertising photography, shooting products, portraits and creative advertisements for stars and first-tier brands. Rich experience in high-speed photography in cosmetics, liquid, underwater photography and other fields [2].
4 Zhang Ting-landscape photographer
Zhang Ting, a well-known photographer, a member of the Chinese photographers Association, and a contracted photographer of China Photography Network, now lives in Suzhou. In 1998, he explored the true meaning of photography. In 2003, he officially entered the commercial photography circle and set up his own photography studio. Later, he entered the Changzhou Digital Image Technology Research Association and held a personal photography exhibition “not far away” in Changzhou.
Huang Yunhua, a famous photographer in Guangzhou
Huang Yunhua, a well-known photographer in Guangzhou, began to enter the photography circle in 2013. Soon after, he took part in the photography competition held by Guangzhou photographers Association and won the championship. At the same time, he was awarded the title of Top Ten photographers in Guangzhou, and then gloriously joined the Chinese photographers Association. His works have won awards and published in famous photography magazines such as “Mass Photography”, “Chinese Photography”, “camera” and “Photography World”.
Zhu Hanju– excellent photographer in China
Zhu Hanju, male, outstanding representative of the post-70s generation. China’s excellent photographer, national senior photography technician, national senior examiner, and chairman of the Professional Committee of Photographic Creative Portrait. His works are mainly professional, fashionable and visually impacting photos.
7 Gao Pengfei– an excellent member of the Chinese photographers Association
Gao Pengfei, a native of Jilin, an excellent member of China photographers Association, an excellent member of China Press Photography Association, a member of the presidium of Jilin Provincial photographers Association, vice chairman of Changbai Mountain Literary Federation, chairman of Changbai Mountain photographers Association, chairman of the Professional Committee of Creative Portrait of Picture Bank, has participated in photography competitions for many times and achieved excellent results.
8 Xiong Xudong-an excellent professional photographer
Xiong Xudong, an excellent professional photographer, has been infatuated with photography since childhood. His photographic works have won awards in many national photography exhibitions sponsored by the Chinese photographers Association. Among them, “Walking bag” won the prize and participated in the 2018 American World Chinese Photography Art Exhibition jointly organized by the Chinese photographers Association and the American Photographic Art Association. The works were exhibited at the New York City Hall Exhibition Hall. The work is famous for its fashion and atmosphere, and it is very good.
9 Bao Dexi
Pao Tak Xi, an excellent photographer in Hong Kong, directed the song and dance film “the arrival of the Jazz” in 1984, which is his first personal work as a director. In 1990, he won the 9th Hong Kong Film Awards for best cinematography for the romantic movie “the Man without socks”. In 1992, he won the 11th Hong Kong Film Awards for best cinematography for the action movie “the Sculpture Warriors”.
10 Juanzi
Female, Chinese professional fashion photographer, graduated from Beijing Garment Institute. Many times for “Chinese screen”, “pursuit”, “Fashion”, “World Fashion Garden ELLE”, “elegant demeanor”, “BEST”, “LOOK”, “girlfriend”, “Hope”, “Chinese Fashion”, “New Modern Pictorial”, and other magazines to shoot covers and large-scale photo topics, recommended photographers
Rank in no particular order, if you like

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