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Montessori teaching aids Chinese toy photography
Montessori teaching aids Chinese toy photography
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Montessori teaching aids Chinese toy photography

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Montessori teaching aids Chinese toy photography


China’s top ten toy wholesale distribution centers, where is the toy wholesale market?

Children’s toys have unlimited room for development, especially in recent years, with the opening of the second child market, the demand for toy products is increasing, so where is the largest wholesale toy market in China?

Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market

In the case of lack of resources and no industrial foundation, Zhejiang Yiwu has created a unique Yiwu model of small commodities and large markets, with many markets and large scale, second to none at home and abroad. Zhejiang Yiwu as a national toy circulation center status has been established. At present, Yiwu toy wholesale is mainly concentrated in Yiwu International Trade City area 1, with more than 1000 toy merchants, which are divided into B, C, D and E areas according to the business area. Yiwu toy market not only radiates Zhejiang province and many surrounding provinces and cities, but also is the first choice of many international toy buyers. No matter from the number of toy merchants, market radiation and popularity, Zhejiang Yiwu as a national toy circulation center status has been established.

Guangzhou Toy Wholesale Market

Guangdong is the largest toy and gift production base in the world, and the important position of Guangzhou as the south gate of the national toy market is self-evident. Guangzhou Toy Wholesale Market mainly has several professional toy wholesale markets: Liwan Toy Wholesale Market, Haizhu Square Toy Jewelry Wholesale Market, Yide Road Toy Wholesale Market and so on. Among them, Guangzhou Yide Road Toy Business Circle is one of the most important toy and gift circulation and trade bases in the country. a number of professional toy markets are gathered here, such as international toy boutique city, China-Hong Kong toy boutique wholesale city, Wanling international toy boutique square, Carles boutique toy city and so on. Yide Road Business Circle not only radiates the provinces and cities around South China, but also an important purchasing place for toy merchants in Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions.

Linyi Toys Wholesale Market

Linyi, located at the junction of two major economic provinces of Shandong and Jiangsu, has gradually become one of the largest logistics distribution centers in the north with its unique geographical advantages and developed modern logistics industry. The scale of Linyi toy market is huge, and toy wholesale is mainly concentrated in Shandong Linyi Yongxing International Toy Wholesale City and Shandong Linyi China Educational supplies Purchasing Base (Linyi Commodity City Phase II). In addition, many merchants are scattered in other markets. Yongxing International Toy Professional Wholesale City is developing rapidly, and its advantages such as preferential rent and perfect supporting facilities have attracted many powerful toy merchants. At present, it has developed into the largest toy professional market in southern Shandong and northern Jiangsu. Industry insiders said that Linyi has nearly 1,000 toy manufacturers, large and small, and has become the “second storage place” for toy manufacturers across the country, and is one of the largest distribution centers for toys sold in the domestic market comparable to Yiwu.

Zhengzhou Toy Wholesale Market

Located in the hinterland of China, Zhengzhou plays a strategic role in connecting the east and the west and connecting the north and south, and is an important logistics center. Among them, toy wholesale is mainly concentrated in the South third Ring Road Yinghe Wanghe City and the railway station business area. With the advantages of convenient transportation and large market area, Yinghe goods City in South third Ring Road has gradually sprung up in recent years and developed into the most important toy distribution center of Zhengzhou Toy Wholesale Market, bringing together more than 50 large dealers in Henan Province. In the railway station area, Wanbo Mall has developed into the most concentrated toy market in the region after several years, with about 100 merchants on the fourth floor. In addition, there are dozens of toy merchants in Zhengzhou International Commodity City, Henan Jinlin Market, Zhongtian Market and so on. Zhengzhou market radiates the whole province of Henan and Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Anhui and even the northeast.

Chengdu Toy Wholesale Market

Since ancient times, Chengdu has been the commercial center of southwest China, and the commerce is quite well developed. after years of development, the Chengdu toy wholesale market is mainly concentrated in the lotus pool business circle near the railway station. including the new Hongzheng Square, the Lotus Golden Pool Market, the North one Toy Market, etc., among them, the Lotus Pool Hongzheng Square is the most concentrated toy wholesale market in the lotus pond business circle, bringing together more than 100 toy merchants. In addition, there are about 100 toy merchants retail in various markets of Lotus Pond. In addition to meeting the needs of Chengdu and its surrounding cities, Lotus Pond toys wholesale radiation to Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet and other places.

Shenzhen Toy Wholesale Market

Shenzhen Sungang Stationery and Toys Wholesale Market is a key wholesale market planned and built by the municipal government. It is currently the largest stationery and toy trading center in Shenzhen. It is located in the central district of Shenzhen and is surrounded by a number of urban trunk roads. It is a key business district planned by the government, with numerous markets, complete infrastructure, complete facilities and convenient transportation. At present, it is the professional wholesale market of toys and stationery with considerable scale and characteristics in Guangdong Province, and the preferred place for retailers in Shenzhen to purchase goods. The wholesale market is divided into upper and lower floors, with more than 300 stalls, more than 10,000 square meters of business area and 10,000 varieties.

Shenyang Toy Wholesale Market

Shenyang, Liaoning, which is located in the northeast hub, is the central distribution center of the northeast toy market, and radiates Inner Mongolia and Hebei. Toy wholesale is mainly concentrated in the small commodities big world market and Wuai market. Dragon Dream Commodity World is the most important toy wholesale market in Shenyang. At present, there are more than 150 toy merchants, concentrated on the whole floor of the second floor and part of the third floor. The integration of wholesale market and modern entertainment business can be called a major feature of the big world of Dragon Dream small commodities. In addition, the International Garment and Textile City, located on the North Road, is another emerging toy wholesale market in Shenyang, with more than 100 toy merchants concentrated on the third floor of the market. The Toy City in Northeast China has gathered about 50 toy merchants, most of them retail.

Harbin Toy Wholesale Market

Harbin is located in the center of Northeast Asia and is known as the pearl of Eurasian Continental Bridge. The geographical advantage of neighboring Russia makes Harbin have the inherent conditions of toy foreign trade. after years of development, Harbin has established a toy sales network to Russia. However, in recent years, as the Russian government has stepped up its crackdown on “grey customs clearance”, Harbin’s toy exports to Russia have decreased. The toy wholesalers in Harbin are concentrated in the toy assembly on the sixth floor of Toulong International Commodity City, with more than 100 toys, such as plastic, electric, educational, wooden, plush, inflatable, animation toys and so on. The market is located in the prosperous business area, the management office makes great efforts to create an integrated shopping experience, and most merchants also accept wholesale and retail operations, attracting a lot of consumers.

Changsha Toys Wholesale Market

Changsha is an important transportation and shipping center in the south-central region. after more than a decade of development, Gaoqiao market has become the largest national comprehensive wholesale market and the fourth largest market in the country. At present, Changsha toy wholesale is mainly concentrated in two markets of Gaoqiao market– Gaoqiao Toy City, which is located in Building 3 of Gaoqiao Modern Trade City and Gaoqiao Flame Sports and Sports Trade City. Gaoqiao Toy City Toys Wholesale is concentrated on the second floor and the fourth floor, the two floors have attracted nearly 100 toy merchants to move in, and many toy brands, large and small, across the country have appeared. Gaoqiao Flame Sports and Trade City is home to 20 or 30 large-scale toy merchants, mainly fashionable toys. The scope of market radiation includes the whole province of Hunan and the surrounding areas such as Guangxi, Jiangxi, Chongqing and Guizhou.

Kunming Toy Wholesale Market

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, is the political, economic, cultural, scientific and technological, transportation center of Yunnan Province, an important central city, tourism and trade city in the western region, and an important hub city for China to open to Southeast Asia, South Asia and ASEAN. The toy wholesale market in Kunming is mainly concentrated in Zhonghao Luoyang Bay International Trade City (known by industry insiders as “New Luoyang Bay”). As a key project of attracting investment in Kunming, it brings together a large number of strong merchants in various industries in the city. Among them, the toy market is mainly concentrated on the third floor of E area and D area of the trade city, with more than 250 merchants, operating categories covering toys, strollers, baby products and so on.

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