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Product Photography Tips
Product Photography Tips
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Amazon Product Photography china 3 Tips

13 Feb Amazon Product Photography china 3 Tips


1. Use of natural light

Although there are supplementary lighting equipment in the studio, because e-commerce clothing needs to show more natural conditions to make consumers aware of the life of clothing, professional clothing shooting usually makes full use of natural light. When shooting indoor scenes, you can shoot in the room with the best lighting angle around 2pm. At this time, the three-dimensional, layered, and texture of the clothing can be most prominent.

2. Reasonable use of various photography lights

When shooting clothing, if you need to use unnatural light, then you must have a primary light source, while using a secondary light source to eliminate the shadow cast by the main light source on the clothing, and then use a backlight to set off the overall silhouette of the clothing. , But also choose the appropriate light according to the material of the clothing, for example, smooth and delicate clothing with soft light, while linen clothing should use hard light.

3. Organize your clothing

If you want to have first-class clothing shooting effects, then when you shoot, you must organize your clothes. The ironed clothes must be ironed in advance and the appropriate accessories selected. When, when shooting, you should adjust the angle according to the proportion of the model’s figure, and try not to use the method of partial composition, so as to avoid problems such as deformation or scale errors after clothing shooting.

Clothing photography is one of the most important online sales in the clothing industry, but in order for online consumers to look at a set of clothing at a glance, it is necessary to master some perfect clothing photography skills, through the coordination of lighting, composition and models when shooting Matching, so that clothing shooting can have better visual effects, so that consumers have a strong interest in this clothing and ultimately facilitate the transaction.

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