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Amazon Product Photography china How makes the perfect product Figure 3 steps

18 Feb Amazon Product Photography china How makes the perfect product Figure 3 steps

Amazon’s detail page is the most representative of the product itself. The user clicks to enter the product page through a keyword search. Then the description of the product and the product map are the most wanted to see. If these cannot meet the needs of the user, it is impossible Make up the order.

A veteran photographer who has worked on product maps for many years at Amazon has discovered that a good product map can increase the conversion rate of a product and directly lead to sales. It can also be distinguished from the texture of the picture itself: power and idol.

The strength faction is to show the selling point of the product very intuitively from various angles of the picture and the content including text layout, so that all buyers can intuitively feel whether the role of the product itself is what he wants.

The idolist value is the face value, that is, the face value of the picture itself, starting from the overall product and details, and the most important of which are the drawing techniques. A beautiful picture can reflect the strength of the brand itself. , Let users feel that the brand is attention to detail and quality.

The following is mainly to give you an analysis of the different effects presented by the different techniques of Amazon product maps. I hope that sellers in need can absorb them well !!!
一 、 Preliminary shooting
Two, fine shooting and local refinement
Thirty-three, real shooting

This can be divided into three categories: full refinement, real shooting and rendering. First of all, let’s talk about the effect of real shooting initial repair

First, the real shot preliminary repair

The wireless charger is used here, as shown in the figure:

From the picture, you can see the characteristics of the product: the edges are white, blue light, angle, and shape are more common, but after adding reflections, you can increase the weight and modernity in the product environment. It’s like putting it on the stand. And the matte plastic material in the middle has also been slightly modified. In the upper half of the edge zone, you can see a large area of ​​obvious highlights, the product rounded corners are not particularly large, but can be seen in the following figure.


As can be seen from the product picture enlarged 3 times, the line of the product itself has basically no details, and only the shape can be seen.


As can be seen from the above picture, in this 3 times magnified picture, the edges of the product have been blurred, and the entire picture is presented in a granular state without any texture at all. Taken in a place where the quality is quite poor.

Two, fine shooting and local refinement

The most photographed product pictures are Amazon’s own store products. From the overall effect, it can be seen that it is very textured. The material and process design of the product are fully displayed, and because of the characteristics of some materials, There will be some unexpected special effects, and the adjustment is quite good. Products with strong reflective or refractive materials, such as stainless steel and transparent shells, have limited photographic effects.



Fine shooting itself means to pay attention to refinement. When shooting, you must think about the adjustment of the product’s image after shooting, the brightness, shape, and position of the light. Just like the seller wants the upper right corner of the top surface as the main light source, then a light and shadow transition effect from light to dark will appear in that specific area. In order to keep the overall light perception consistent with the above, the light on the left side of the lower cylindrical part needs to be adjusted to be stronger than the right, and the overall light needs to be adjusted to be weaker than the top, so that the light band presented in a circle will be more in some darker backgrounds. Look good.

After fine shooting, you will naturally need to do local refinement. No matter how good the camera is, you wo n’t be able to shoot the actual product effect. Then you need some refinement to achieve some perfect graphics. The refined part mainly includes : Highlights are enhanced to enhance contrast, screen printing patterns, and reflective materials are added to the reflective surface. The light effect of the light strip will not be bright under normal conditions of the product, because the brightness of the photographic lamp itself exceeds the brightness of the product light, you need to adjust the low light. The environment is shot separately and combined together so that the same shooting angle can be achieved.



Looking at a comparison of the results of a set of real-life products before Amazon and the refined rendering, the gap is not generally large.




Third, the real shot full refinement


The overall feeling of the above picture is still OK. This kind of picture is usually called an exploded picture or an exploded picture. From a technical point of view, it will be several steps better than a normal normal picture, and it needs to be at the same camera angle and product position. , Take 5 consecutive shots of different structures, and then perform PS cutout combination, where angle, light, perspective are very important, you can adjust the range of light brightness according to the actual situation, do not flash all the way.
Once the artist completes the map for operation and sales inspection, if it is not satisfactory, it needs to be redone, because if the angle changes, it will cause a variety of light, shadow, and position to be adjusted, which is equivalent to restarting. This is for the artist It’s quite a crash, so in order to avoid this kind of thing, be sure to communicate well before doing it, so you can save a lot of unnecessary time.


After zooming in the picture 3 times, you can clearly see how the product feels. If you want to take a good shot and local refinement, you must ensure that the material of the product is good enough. If the material is not good, you can clearly see the picture above. 1. 2 and 2 use the camera to shoot the effect, the mobile phone charging port and audio port are not processed at all.

From plastic 3, you can see the traces left when the product is injection molded, and the 4 standard lines and dots are not aligned, and the font line spacing is a bit large.

If it is fully refined, the requirements for real shooting will not be too high, as long as the product structure material is taken, and it is not necessary to consider the light texture. Then in PS, draw different parts of the layer by layer. come out.


The advantage of 精 Full Refinement Map is that the product screen itself will look more refined. After all, many details are portrayed, and according to the different light effects of different local changes, it will achieve a product texture that exceeds the human eye. However, its disadvantages are that it takes a lot of time and has high requirements on the draftsman. It requires a certain artistic foundation and a strong sense of control over the performance of photography and light. This technique is not Most people can reach it, but despite this, this refined picture is still liked by most people. Look at the comparison chart below and you can see the difference!



In short, the actual shooting and full-retouching are not very demanding on the shooting itself, but it is very particular about the level of the retoucher. It is difficult to control the fineness of the overall details without certain skills.

In addition, the most difficult part of the full refinement is the reflection and refraction material performance. These are the actual reflection and refraction that need to be drawn, and the object characteristics of the material itself, such as the different refractive index of different transparent materials, and the deformation of the product that appears through it. And hue, saturation, etc. are all different.

The above three mapping methods hope to help everyone!

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